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Too bad this died.

Has a lot of potential


Very Good Game 

Also Awesome bots

And please check out my game

bruh how are you gunna promote your own game when your reviewing some one elses game

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good game bots are nice wish more people played it tho and add hats (i like hats) also update the gun models


this game is abandoned

Hi if im interested in buying this game or proposing a business to the creator , how can i contact him?

thank you for your help

my email is please reply there :)

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Are you still updating this game, if so the gamepad wont let me fire nor change my weapon so if your still working on it it would be great if you could do that


rlly fun

*loads online version* me: why not *lag hits* me: HOLY SHI...


I really have a lot of fun playing this game with my friends. Just add some more weapons and I could feel more variety.


Are you still working on this game?

Somewhat, I haven't had much free time and I've been occupied with my Ludum Dare 37 game.


revolvers+1 health+infinite ammo= HIGH NOON


looks great! cant wait to join in :D

Deleted 235 days ago

I believe it depends on the browser you're using, how much memory is allowed to that browser, and how well your computer can handle running the game. I use the game on Chrome pretty well and I just tested it on Firefox. If those browsers don't work you can always download the standalone version which does not have the limitations of a browser.


Also PLEASE save your weapon load out to Player Prefs or something so you don't have to keep picking what you want each time.


I played a 6 player deathmatch and it was a blast! Please consider performance with lots of players on super-potato computers, it sometimes lags. Can't wait for the next version!

Thanks! I didn't check until now, but the tips help!


Good game but no one online :(

Sadly yeah, that's usually the case, I suggest bringing some friends until there's more players :)

I will try to schedule some events during the week