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This is a master piece, I hope the launch of the game on steam goes well for you :)


Thank you it means a lot!


i love this


will the full version cost money?




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Love that the game rewards you on exploring
already found the 6 keys pieces in the great chasm... also my thumb is hurting a lot


Absolutely wonderful, one of the best designed games that I've played in a while, a lot of indie games shoot for Super Metroid / Dark Souls I don't think I've played one yet that nails the gameplay design of those quite as well as this. 

What's great

Nothing exists in a vacuum, EVERYTHING the player does has consequence, and it nails that mini metrovania / dark souls "skillful" level up feeling perfectly. The game doesn't get easier, you just understand it better. The game does a great job staying consistent with it's internal ruleset and rewarding you for understanding it better.

You memorize optimal bullet / whip / throw combos for low level enemies, you make decisions about whether you're going to quickly finish off an enemy with a quick shot or take a slightly more risky approach to harvest some ammo, later you might learn that you can do cool shit like take the time to harvest one enemy for ammo and use them to kill another enemy to more efficiently get more ammo. 

Small niggle

I might just kind of suck but I wish that there was more unique markers of where you were. Obviously a full blown map would sacrifice a lot of the good feeling of exploration that the game has and discourage keeping a mental map of surroundings, but I think that if you're going for Dark Souls it would be nice if areas were named and there was a little area on the HUD that displayed the name of the current area / room that you're in. 

This I think would be 

1) pretty easy to implement (other than coming up with thematic / creative names for rooms)

2) Help players draw physical maps or keep better mental maps 

3) Let frustrated players ask their friends if they get lost / stuck or check online and get good instructions / advice instead of just quitting for good or having to describe where they are stuck in very subjective terms 

Thank you for the feedback it really means a lot! It’s always great to read what people think about the game. I completely agree with your suggestion, I think it may have been an oversight that I didn’t add in some kind of unique name system for different checkpoints at the very least.

man thats kinda hard

I understand feeling like that, I hope to make the game a bit more accessible in the full release using everyone’s feedback. That and I will eventually add some difficulty options!

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i found the hand of the child hiding behind the Mountains lol, can`t wait to buy the full game, so freakin excited

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Hee Hee I made it to the other side.

lol 950 ammo out here


Pardon me for interrupting but.....



Oh and I also found this. It's what your supposed to use your chain on in the classic.

Nice finds! Both are easter eggs to things I’ve made in the past


Beautiful concept, beautiful execution. Try it!


Love the game, especially since it lets me explore areas that you typically aren't meant to explore. Good gunplay along with great but simple graphics. My only semi complaint is that I sorta didn't even realize you could go to the other side of this chasm (the side I took the picture from) so I beat the game without even having gone there, but that's just me being dense. I did at least realize I was missing an area since I could find shotgun shells but not the shotgun.

Thanks for the comments! It’s really cool that you enjoyed the exploration bits even if there is still room for improvement. The other side of the chasm is (in a way) optional content to beat the demo depending on how many key pieces you find in the crypt area. This is why the path to it is a bit unclear. It’s not your fault for missing it, in fact it’s even cooler that you went back and explored it anyways (that’s what the full game will feature more of).


the classic enchain was really awesome dude! and the level design looks awesome and reminds me of those old games that i have played when i was a young kid, i don`t know what to say about this game it`s just really awesome and fun!

Hey thanks! Demo is coming out very very soon so you’ll be able to try it out then.


Yo! This game is back! I played the old version at it was super fun can't wait to see what you do next!

Awesome, thanks! Back and ready to release stuff soon

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Wow, you deserve to take all my money because your games are awesome, when the full release comes out, I am buying it!

Thanks, means a lot! Glad to finally show the new page.