Look, move, aim, reload, and shoot with mouse.

 Protect your squash crops from the scavengers of the west.

Eat the desert squash to keep yourself from dying of thirst.

Break skulls for ammo when you are running low.

Controls (w/ Alt.) Actions
MouseArrow Keys Look
Left MouseZ Move Forward / Shoot
Right MouseX Aim Revolver
Right Mouse X 2V Dash kick
Middle MouseC Reload / Empty
PESC (Windows) Pause Game

A survival western FPS created in 38 non-consecutive hours for MizJam 1.
Art pack by kenney.

Patch 1.0.3 (8/26): Fixed Windows sensitivity bug and some mouse focus issues in browser. Fixed tutorial ammo, adjusted kick window, scaled down muzzle flash. Increased crop, barrier, and bait health by 1. Made bulls drop ammo.
Patch 1.0.2 (8/23): Fixed bug where changing sensitivity in tutorial was broken
Patch 1.0.1 (8/23): Fixed bug where win function call was missing

Install instructions

Extract and run the .exe in the folder to play.


hvsteradoWIN1.0.3.zip 18 MB
hvsteradoWIN1.0.2.zip 18 MB
hvsteradoWIN1.0.0.zip 18 MB

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