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For anyone having trouble getting the game to run on macOS (permission error):

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter "sudo chmod -R 755 [path-to-directory (you can click+drag the folder here]"
  3. Enter "sudo xattr -dr [path-to-app (you can click+drag the app here)]"

You should be able to open the game as you would any app now.

Has to be my favorite game of this style (other than doom because thats finished) but honestly 10/10, recommended it to a few people. Love the look, sound, movement, feel, everything.


really fun with how freely you can move

I love this game. It is lowkey one of the best games I have played in a while. I cannot wait to play the demo for the new version

Great Game

This game is so cool, but bugged (when you die with skulls you`re getting heavier)

great game... the only thing that could make it better in my eyes is to make it so that you can jump and then grappl

i really want to play it but it just wont load

Full screen doesnt work

yeah :(

i cant get past lvl 2


i cant get past the loading scree

I can't open game

i cant exist


I can't

I can't be

the fullscreen button is gone on browser for me lol

This is awesome!

This game is amazing. Really fun.


Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

This game is pretty good, well polished, fun and have mechanis i never seen in a game before. The only changes i would suggest for this game is an option to change the ammount of pixelation on the screen and maybe a more forgiving hook.

its a retro styled game, and the hook is very "forgiving" with the hitbox being just big enough to not be impossible, but small enough to add some challenge, and its utility is perfect as you can get that tiny bit farther by right clicking in air (not right click and hold)



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I've finally created an paypal account to buy games and I am ready to buy your game, did you cancel the demo? I would like to know if your gonna release a demo


I am going to release a demo, currently working on a trailer for it.


i thought it was free :

To be clear, the demo will be 100% free when it releases this October. Itch Page


i played the game free already

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