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Enchain (Classic) is a retro-themed FPS that offers open environments and fast action supported by grapple hooking mechanics. You've been called upon to rise from the depths and dominate the underworld; however, as you kill the fiends in your path, their souls become chained to your burden, slowing you down and restraining your options. Gain and release souls to prevail.


  • WSAD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Look
  • LMouse - Fire
  • RMouse - Grapple
  • TAB - View Burden
  • Number Keys (1-5) - Release Burden
  • -/+ - Mouse Sensitivity
  • Escape - Pause
  • R - Restart at Checkpoint

Originially developed for Ludum Dare 40 in under 72 hours. Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withBlender, Unity, Bfxr
Tags16-bit, Fast-Paced, First-Person, FPS, fps-platformer, Low-poly, Ludum Dare 40, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Ludum Dare


Enchain Prototype [Win] 28 MB
Enchain Prototype [Mac] 36 MB
Enchain Prototype [Lin] 40 MB
Enchain (Original) [Win] 15 MB

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tip: you can get a jump boost by grappling mid air and if you hold attack you can do a machine gun attack 

pls add keybinds

its like ultrakill but not and ported for web


lmao real

its not working

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For anyone having trouble getting the game to run on macOS (permission error):

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Enter "sudo chmod -R 755 [path-to-directory (you can click+drag the folder here]"
  3. Enter "sudo xattr -dr [path-to-app (you can click+drag the app here)]"

You should be able to open the game as you would any app now.

Has to be my favorite game of this style (other than doom because thats finished) but honestly 10/10, recommended it to a few people. Love the look, sound, movement, feel, everything.


really fun with how freely you can move

I love this game. It is lowkey one of the best games I have played in a while. I cannot wait to play the demo for the new version

Great Game

This game is so cool, but bugged (when you die with skulls you`re getting heavier)

great game... the only thing that could make it better in my eyes is to make it so that you can jump and then grappl

i really want to play it but it just wont load

Full screen doesnt work

yeah :(

i cant get past lvl 2


i cant get past the loading scree

I can't open game

i cant exist


I can't

I can't be

the fullscreen button is gone on browser for me lol

This is awesome!

This game is amazing. Really fun.


Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

This game is pretty good, well polished, fun and have mechanis i never seen in a game before. The only changes i would suggest for this game is an option to change the ammount of pixelation on the screen and maybe a more forgiving hook.

its a retro styled game, and the hook is very "forgiving" with the hitbox being just big enough to not be impossible, but small enough to add some challenge, and its utility is perfect as you can get that tiny bit farther by right clicking in air (not right click and hold)



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I've finally created an paypal account to buy games and I am ready to buy your game, did you cancel the demo? I would like to know if your gonna release a demo


I am going to release a demo, currently working on a trailer for it.


i thought it was free :

To be clear, the demo will be 100% free when it releases this October. Itch Page


i played the game free already


Ive started playing the game again and noticed its kinda laggy.

I also was wondering if the full version would let us increase screen brightness, as its somewhat hard to see in front of you.

There will be brightness and gamma options in the upcoming demo. Sorry for the long wait, stay tuned for an announcement this month.


Having an odd mouse drift bug, a few degrees to the left per second. Not getting it in any other games or apps. Getting it even after restarting and uninstall/reinstall.

Only thing I can think of is that you might have a controller or other input device plugged in on your computer, since the game probably checks for both mouse and joystick input if I remember correctly. That’s a strange bug I haven’t encountered yet, I’m sorry it is causing you trouble with the game.


That was exactly it, thanks.

Mouse keeps leaving the game...

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in the web gl ver it looks more pixely can you add that as a opton becouse i would like to have it as a option pls

p.s i love the game feels like a lost quake area game


Sorry for the very specific question, but could you make it so that you can release burdens with the mouse? 

Do you mean you would prefer the option to release burdens by clicking on the screen? Or do you mean to be able to use a mouse button other than left click or right click, rather than using the default number keys? If you want to change the controls I believe it is possible using the config window when opening the standalone download.


The option to release burdens by clicking the screen would be nice.

Oh cool! That would have been interesting to let the player unlock the mouse cursor and release burdens. I would add that option, but I’m not working on the old version. I’m working on a new demo for Enchain with revamped burden mechanics: Gameplay Preview



If the game is not free, then will you make a demo?

I’m leaning towards releasing a short demo in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!


Ok then, good luck

its been 42 days since I last checked out the game, and over SIX MONTHS since I started speedrunning it. I have now gotten back into speedrunning the game, and was wondering what the full version would be like. I remember a LONG time ago making an unofficial discord server for the game. So I guess I will be asking several questions

1). When is the (planned) release date for the game? If there isnt one, how long would you guess?

2). How much will it cost, and will there be any secret way of getting it for cheaper prices?

3). Will there be easter eggs related to the community?

4). Will there be a level editor. I know it sounds crazy but it would be fun to play other peoples levels

5). Will there be multiplayer? Even if its just TDM/FFA, it would make the game a bit more fun and interesting

Hi, I should point out that the new release is a remake of most of the original game (levels, enemies, mechanics) in order to fulfill my vision for a high quality game. This new game will play quite differently from the first, but it will still be familiar. This is why development is taking so long. I hope to get the game out there in a big way as soon as it is ready.

Anyways, I am happy to answer your questions.

1. No planned release date yet. I am hoping to get a trailer (maybe even a free demo) released in the next couple months.

2. I have not decided on a price yet but there are always other ways to get a game.

3. Easter eggs are pretty likely.

4. A level editor would be awesome, but it's not going being worked on for a while since I am focusing on the game itself.

5. Multiplayer would be even more awesome, but that would force me to rewrite a lot of code and spend even more time balancing said multiplayer once it works. I am focusing on the singleplayer experience for now.

By the way, once the trailer is out, I'll be making an official Discord server. Thanks!


Good to know.

Thanks, cant wait for the full release


Cool concept and a nice vibe, but when I gave it a try I struggled very badly with how dark the game is.  It doesn't look like in your gifs for me -- I see the game, but anything more than a couple of feet away is engulfed in near-black shadows.  With the deathpits around, this results in me walking verrrrry slowly and staring at the ground, rather than chainswinging around like I know I ought to.  Here is a screenshot:

Cool concept though!  If I could perceive the world I would have spent more time with it.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely be more generous with lighting and clarity in the future!

If you want to see how the (work-in-progress) version looks now,  feel free to check some of my Twitter posts. There's some ambient light, but now I might tweak it to brighten up the indoor levels.


prototype and original difference?

There is a new level in the "prototype" v0.3.0 using some unique enemies and other content. The original was made during Ludum Dare game jam, and has less content.

I was initially planning to continue expanding the prototype, but I am now working on a completely reworked full release of the game. Eventually there will be some more info about that. Thanks for your interest!


Not sure if its just me or I'm really dumb, but every time I load up the game, I just get a black screen with the crosshair when I start playing. Like, the crosshair appears, I can see the shot cooldown, but otherwise the screen is just black. Is this a bug, or is there something I don't know about?

I haven't heard an issue like that before,  it must be a graphical problem. I would recommend downloading the standalone game if it is having issues rendering in the browser.  Change the graphical preset to something different if that doesn't help. Sorry for the trouble!


Thank you. I think it might have something to do with trying to run it on a chromebook. 


is the rocket launcher actually out? 

Nope, the launcher weapon is planned for the full version that I am working on.

oh. ok.

is the full version even finished? 

No, the full version is not finished yet.

can you make a chromebook version of the full game please? i cant download it because i dont have a windows pc

Unfortunately, Unity only builds standalones for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so as far as I can see, a downloadable Chromebook build will be out of my ability.

oh ok


This is super fun!

Thank you! The full game is still on its way :)

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why is the behind page looking weird?

I was trying some different backgrounds, messed up the resolution. Should be fixed.


For some reason I can't play the game. I mean the game loads in browser, I can see the controls, but past that I can't see anything it's black. Is that a part of the game and I'm being a small brain or is it a bug? Thank you for your time.

That isn't supposed to happen, maybe something is going wrong with the browser version. The downloadable version is much more stable!


Oh ok! Thanks!

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