ENCHAIN Reveal - Demo October 2020

Revealing, after over two years of iteration, the reimagined ENCHAIN:

The new game demo will be available on PC via the new Steam and Itch pages in October 2020. The "Classic" edition of Enchain will remain available to play in browser on the old itch page.

Enchain started out as a simple game jam entry about grappling and throwing colored, low-poly skulls. Now, the game offers significantly more depth and polish along with an interconnected world and action combo gameplay. Read more about it on the brand new itch page!

As I worked on the game over time, I kept thinking of new mechanics that I wanted to explore with Enchain. The project would go through many changes as I got into Dark Souls, played through Super Metroid, and tried a few character action games. Consider this fresh, reimagined ENCHAIN as its own new game. I hope all the original fans will enjoy what the demo will have in store this October.

So, while I finish the demo build over the next month, please help me out by wishlisting and sharing this news with your friends!

Thanks for reading, I can't wait for you all to play the demo soon.

Join us on Discord: discord.gg/6AkrEZj

Follow progress on Twitter: twitter.com/mattlawrdev

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